February 23, 2018
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Holiday _ Christmas Crafts !!   Materials Needed: Duct tape ( two colors) Cone Scissors Step 1 Bring all materials you need as in picture   Step 2 Make these shapes out of duct tape , red and white     Step 3 Start to paste the shapes on the cone ( follow pictures) you can start with red tape or white as you like     continue       Finally       Very Nice !!  
Easy Christmas crafts for kids .   Materials Needed: Ribbon Paper - regular paper up to card stock Ruler Scissors Pencil Hole punch Clothespin or binder clip Take a look at the simple materials and tools shown here.     Step 1 Select the narrow ribbon. Measure and cut the ribbon to 12 inches in length.     Make strips of paper in different length . as in picture     With the hole punch, make holes in both ends of each strip   Using the...
This fun and easy Thanksgiving craft is the perfect thing for kids to do while waiting for dinner at your Thanksgiving party Thanksgiving crafts !!   Materials Needed: pinecone turkey craft pattern pinecone red tissue paper yellow tissue paper orange tissue paper yellow card stock or construction paper brown card stock or construction paper glue scissors     Step 1 cut 3 triangles from each color of tissue paper     Step 2 Gather the base (long side) of...

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