Make a cute turtle out of a paper plate, the kids will love this craft. It’s easy with paints and paper, what more could you ask more.
This Plaid kids craft is great for a day off of school or a weekend activity.

Family Fun Crafts 16 Craft Ideas for Kids eBook_page38_image41

44219 – Apple Barrel ® Brush Sets –
Wood Brush Set, Flats
926 – FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors –
Shamrock, 2 oz.
954 – FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Fresh
Foliage, 2 oz.
Craft Glue
Wax paper
Styrofoam bowl
Paper plate

1. Cover work area with Wax Paper.

2. Cut feet, head, and tail from Paper Plate. Paint with Shamrock. Let dry.

3. Paint turtle shell with Fresh Foliage.

4. Dot with Shamrock using flat brush – See photo.

5. Glue feet, head, and tail into place on underside of bowl. Let dry.

6. Using handle end of brush to apply paint, dot eyes with Fresh Foliage.


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