DIY Food Arts – How to Make Flowers with Vegetables !

I will tell you how to make flowers from vegetables with your own hands. They can very beautifully decorate the table. At us today in section of crafts from vegetables not one kind of colors will be, namely:

A flower made of cucumber.
Flower bow with bow sweating.
A flower made of carrots.

How to make a flower from a cucumber.

Как сделать цветы из овощей

It is necessary to cut the cucumbers into thin plates that bend very easily. To do this, you need a tool. I will show you the step-by-step photo instruction.

Как сделать цветы

We take one plate and here we twist it.

цветы из обощей

Then on top of one more plate adapt, as well as do not forget that cucumbers bend in different directions and you can not only wrap them inside, but also out.

цветы из овощей своими руками

цвет из огурца

Here is a flower from cucumber is obtained. We spread it on a plate and decorate it.

Как сделать цветы из овощей своими руками

Now make a flower from a bow sweating in the form of a bow.

It’s very easy to take such a bow, and carefully do the cuts. I show the same in the photo.

цветок из лука

Cut the parts bend inward.

лук цветок

цветы из овощей лука

In the end, we get this bow of bow, it looks very nice.

как сделат ьцветок из лука

Has come so far to make flowers from carrots.

First we take carrots and make a pentagon from it. It is better to take a carrot not too short.

цветок из моркови

Now cut the petals on each face, but not too thick.

цветы из морковки

Now on each petal along the edges cut the pieces and make it sharp.

цветоу морковка

Next, we make the following petals, but they must be cut in the so-called staggered order, i.e. not at the place where there were past petals. Just cut them around the edges.

The remaining cone is cut into petals, and the center should be sharpened.

цветок из морковки

как сделать цветок из морковки

That’s such a wonderful composition we have!

цветы из морковки своими руками

Such flowers from the vegetables can be made by everyone with their own hands, remember, do not lower your hands.


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