DIY Food Arts – How To Make A Tulip Bouquet with vegetables !!

The last of our crafts flowers from vegetables I really liked and so I decided to continue making stuffed tomatoes tulips. This craft is certainly like other decorate the table, and even more importantly it will be a delicious snack. Tulips are made very easily, once you try, then you can easily teach others.

фаршированные помидоры тюльпаны

For tomato tulips, we need the following ingredients:

Tomatoes, I took 12 pieces.
Green onions.
2 eggs.
Cheese, a small piece.
Garlic 8-10 teeth.
Walnuts, a little.
Cucumbers and peas for decoration.

Well, we’ll start to make stuffed tomatoes tulips, turn-by-turn photo instructions are attached.

We take each tomato and make cuts on it, cut out an asterisk.

тюльпаны из овощей
тюльпаны из овощей сделать

Spoonful of tomato, we carefully take out unnecessary and unnecessary entrails.

We get empty tomatoes.

фаршерованные помидоры

The next stage of our crafts from vegetables is to make a filling for the buds of tulips. We take cheese, three it on a grater, we press garlic, we press nuts, eggs three on a grater and all this business we mix. Then gently fill the buds (tomatoes).

фарш для помидор
тюльпаны из варшированных помидор

It remains only to decorate the whole thing and stuffed tomatoes tulips are ready.

We take a large dish and beautifully spread the stalks of green onions and our buds of tulips.


For beauty we cut cucumbers, as well we lay out them, and from the top we pour a little peas. Everything, a snack dish stuffed tomatoes in the form of a tulip is ready!

фаршированные помидоры тюльпаны

Try to make a snake from vegetables or a tree of cucumbers with your own hands.


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