DIY Owl Pillow – Handmade Craft Ideas .


Have you heard? Owls are the hottest Valentine’s Day trend this season! Make your own DIY Owl Pillow to add a modern flair to any room of your house this Valentine’s Day. This soft and sweet pillow is perfect for cuddling up with your sweetheart on a chilly winter night.


 Small and large plate to make the  pattern
 1/3 yard of fabric for the owl’s body
 Scraps of red and pink fabric for wings,


1. Tape two 8.5″x 11″ sheets of paper together side by side.
2. Trace a dinner plate to make the owl body.

Eyes, and Nose

 Fiber-fill for stuffing
 Basic sewing needs

DIY Owl Pillow

DIY Owl Pillow

3. At the top, trace a tea-cup sauce.

DIY Owl Pillow

4. Now draw the eyes, nose, feet, and wings.

DIY Owl Pillow

5. Using your pattern, cut out the 2 owl bodies, 2 wings, 2 feet, 2 outer eyes, 2 center eyes, and 1 nose from your fabric of choice.

Optional: Cut out a heart as an embellishment.

DIY Owl Pillow

6. Once your pieces are cut out, pin them to the pretty side of one of the owl body pieces.

DIY Owl Pillow

7. Zigzag appliqué the wings, eyes and feet on.

DIY Owl Pillow

8. Either use a heat bond for the smaller pieces like the eye center, heart, and nose, or zigzag them on next.

9. Place your owl bodies “pretty” sides together and pin around the outer edge.

DIY Owl Pillow

10. Stitch around the owl using the pressure foot as your guide. Leave a 4″ opening.

11. Trim seams, turn owl pretty side out. Stuff the owl with fiber-fill or stuffing.

12. Hand stitch the opening closed to finish!

DIY Owl Pillow