Materials Needed: 
Ball ornament 
Modge Podge 
Foam brush 
Glitter, (the finer the cut of glitter, the better in my opinion)

The Trust Me, You’ll Thank Me Later Materials: 
Bubble wrap or newspaper 
marker or pen 
piece of paper


Step 1: Remove the ornament top and set aside.

Step 2: Place ornament on marker, and place marker in a mug, using bubble wrap to help hold the marker up if necessary.  Keep paper near by. 

Step 3: Brush Ornament with Modge Podge, using foam brush.


tep 4: OVER THE PAPER, sprinkle glitter on the ornament, a little bit at a time.  Rotate the ball in order to move some of the loose glitter to uncovered areas before adding more glitter. 


Step 5: Once covered, give ornament a gentle shake over the paper to remove loose glitter. Place marker in mug and allow ornament to dry for several hours.


Well, look at that you little crafter, you! 



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