Easy Hairpins – Handmade Accessories .


By: Cheri Heaton for I Love to Create
These Easy Peasy Hairpins are similar to the fashionable hair accessories for women sold in Anthropologie stores…but much less expensive! These easy DIY cheap hair accessories can be made with ease! And no one will know the difference!

Easy Hairpins
Easy Hairpins



 Hairpins and clips (you can find these at craft stores, like Hobby Lobby)
 Vintage earrings
 Aleen’s SUPER Gel Adhesive
 Wire cutters


Easy Hairpins
Easy Hairpins



1. I used some wire cutters to snap off the back of the earrings.

2. We brushed on some adhesive and added the earrings.

3. You only have to hold the pin to the earring for a minute or two until it’s really on there and dry.

4. Buttons also work well for this project. You just have to use ones that don’t have a loop on the back.


Easy Hairpins
Easy Hairpins