Elmo Ornament – Crafts for Kids .


By: Kirstin and Jordan

Kids will go crazy for this super simple ornament idea. Pom poms, googly eyes and glue help bring Elmo to life. In just three steps, children and parents can create a cute ornament that looks just like that adorable, furry creature.

Crafts for Kids
Crafts for Kids



 Plain ornament
 Red ribbon
 Googly eyes
 Yellow pom pom (for the nose)
 Scrap of black felt (for the mouth)
 Hot glue gun


1.) Hot glue the end of your ribbon into the bottom center of your ornament. Using your glue gun, wind the ribbon around and around (and around), gluing as you go. When your entire ornament is covered in ribbon, glue your other end inside the top of the ornament (this will soon be covered by the metal ornament top).

Crafts for Kids
Crafts for Kids


2.) Glue your googly eyes, pom pom nose and felt mouth onto Elmo’s ‘face.’

Crafts for Kids
Crafts for Kids