Fabric Flowers – Handmade Craft Ideas .


These cute little Fabric Flowers will make a great accent piece for your Valentine’s Day presents this year.
Using some left over festive fabrics and Mod Podge, form your flower petals and stitch them together.
When your flower is all but complete, add a centerpiece to top it off. Attach these flowers to gift bags, hair accessories or string them into a garland. No matter how you use them, they make a great Valentine’s Day craft.
Fabric Flowers


 Fabric
 Scissors
 Small scrap of cardstock
 Decoupage glue/Mod Podge


 Paint brush
 Needle and thread
 Paper clip (optional)
 Buttons or brads (optional)
1. Cut a small petal shape out of card stock. Fold a piece of fabric and cut a petal along the fold, resulting in a front and back petal shape.

Fabric Flowers

2. Repeat until you have 8 petals, then cover the top of the shapes with decoupage glue and allow them dry.

Fabric Flowers

3. Once dry, apply glue to the inside of the petals and fold them over. Sew them together at the base of the petals to form a circle.

Fabric Flowers

4. Once the flower is assembled, add a generous amount of glue to the center to make it sturdier.

Fabric Flowers

5. Place a couple of decorative brads or buttons in the center to finish.

Fabric Flowers