By: Savannah Starr

Add some glitz and glamor to your winter accessories with this fun and sassy Glittered Snowflake Barrette. By layering snowflake designs, you can create your own unique snowflake that looks beautiful sitting softly in your hair! If you have smaller snowflakes, you could use the same technique to create fun earrings and necklaces for you and your friends.

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 Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Spray
 Aleene’s Spray Acrylic – Gloss
 Tulip Fashion Glitter – dark blue, light blue or colors of your choice
 Glove
 Newspapers or box lid (for spraying glue onto buttons)
 Paper plates (for collecting glitter)
 Glitter snowflake ornaments
 Snowflake buttons
 Pearl bead
 E-6000 Glue
 Clothespins
 Barrette


1. To glitter your buttons, working in a well ventilated area, spray one side of buttons with Fast Grab Tacky Spray. Sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess. Let dry. If desired, repeat glittering on other side of buttons.

2. Spray glittered pieces with Gloss. Let dry. This will help to keep the glitter from falling off when you wear your barrette.

3. If needed, cut hanger from snowflake ornament. Apply E-6000 Glue to back of barrette. Glue to back of ornament, holding in place with clothespins while the glue dries.

4. Continue to glue glitter snowflakes on top of ornament and finish by gluing pearl on top.

5. Keeping the clothespins in place, suspend the barrette over the top of a jar to hold it flat and does not wobble while all the glue dries.