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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pleated Dress with elastic [Video]
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How to Make Baby Pants from a Tshirt [Video]
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Box turtle.[Video]
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How to decorate a locker mirror with recycled cans [Video]
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Handicraft Wool
Beautiful work using balls of wool First, the modus operandi of the balls   Cut a piece of cardboard such as this form* Wrap the wool around the cardboard* Threaded tightly
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Embroidery by tapes
art of embroidery by tapes add something of beauty to clothes This is the most important stitches  ..to learn the
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Decorate pillows
We will need some roses industrial*  Beads and ribbons for decorating*           Related posts: How to
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making handbag by cloth
specify an oval shape on a piece of cloth.. then cut this form .. then sewing the edge of the
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Way to make folds of curtains
Pattern curtains 1- Draw a pattern on pattern paper 2- fold the fabric to  two layers 3- put the pattern
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Bags Jeans beautiful
making Bags Jeans by old jeansh Trace the image The work of an inner layer of the bag and fix
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