Privacy may be important to have in certain windows or doors of your home. Here’s an attractive gathered curtain:


Understand approximate measurements. Gathered curtains are usually 1.5 to 2.0 times wider than a

window. Curtain rods will be at the top and bottom of the curtain.


Decide upon your design. Would you like one or two panels? Would you like a ruffle at either end of the curtain?


Measure the length and width. Measure the glass area of your window.


Measure your desired curtain length.

  • Add a half inch, to turn over a quarter-inch of raw edge, at both ends of the fabric.
  • Add the width of “two” curtain rods. Add an additional 1/4 inch for movement of each rod within the rod pocket.
  • Add two inches, for each one-inch ruffle, at either end of the curtain.

Gather your fabric and sewing supplies. Cut your fabric.


Hem the sides of each panel. Turn over and iron the edge of the fabric twice, to form a quarter-inch hemline. Stitch it in place.


Fold the top and bottom of each panel.

  • Turn over and iron a quarter-inch of fabric.
  • Turn over the fabric a second time. This width should accommodate the width of your rod plus the height of a ruffle.

Stitch the top and bottom of each panel.

  • Stitch the hem in place.
  • Place another row of horizontal stitching between the hem and the top of the panel, accommodating for the width of the rod and ruffle.

Slide the rods into the pockets. Hang curtains, covering the glass of your window.

  • Spring rods work well within a window.
  • Apply simple hooks, to a door, to support the ends of each rod. Place two hooks at the top and two hooks at the bottom.

Make curtain ties. Fasten them around the middle of the each panel.