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Keep your jewelry safe and in one place when you travel. Learn how to make a drawstring bag that can hold your rings, necklaces, and bracelets in one compact bundle. Make this Linen Travel Jewelry Bag to match your luggage
or use fabric that’s a little more special.

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 1/2 yard for outside fabric
 1/2 yard for inside fabric
 7″ circle of fusible interfacing
 Cording or Ribbon for Tie For a child’s  skirt, you can probably use a T-shirt that you have lying around, but for an adult skirt you’ll need to get your hands on some jersey yardage.

1. Begin by cutting out your circles. Out of each fabric cut one 18″ circle and one 15″ circle.

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2. On the wrong side of the fabric of the small outer fabric circle, iron the circle of fusible interfacing in the center.

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3. Place the small circles right side together and  sew around the edge with a ½″ seam allowance. Leave an opening for turning, clip the seam allowance all the way around and turn right side out.

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4. Topstitch around the outside just inside the seam, making sure the openings are sewn closed.  On your large circle, sew a circle 1 ¾″ from the edge, then a second circle 2 ¼″ from the edge. This will be your casing.  (If you are using wide or really thin ribbon, you can adjust this.)

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5. Pull the outer fabric away from the lining  inside the casing. Make two small slits in the outer fabric only.  Treat these with Fray Check.

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6. Place your small circle, outer fabric up, on top of the inside fabric of the large circle.  On your small fabric circle, sew a circle just over the edge of the fabric batting in the center, sewing through both circles.

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7. Draw four lines through the inside circle, like a pie. Sew down these lines. This will create the little pockets along the sides.

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Here’s what the back looks like.

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8. Feed your cording or ribbon through the casing, leaving just a little bit through each hole. Knot the ends.

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9. Make a little fabric rosette out of your inside fabric. Sew it to the outside just below the casing opening.

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That finishes off your little bag!

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Inside there are eight little pockets that you can stash earrings in, you can put bracelets or other larger things in the center section.

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This little bag would be great for makeup too!

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