How to Make Spring Flower with Wire and Nail Polish

How to decorate the hair style to the celebration, graduation party or wedding? The answer is simple flowers! Accessories of colors is always beautiful and fashionable! I want to offer you to make your own wreath for the most gentle hair and at the same time, just to give a second life to old varnish polish. The technique I want to show you very unusual, makes it possible to experiment with the most unpredictable shades. Make a wreath will each need a little patience!  


spring 2013

handmade flowers

I’m in my work I use three shades of nail polish, is very delicate, the respective spring nastroeniyu- peach, mint and white. To form the petals I use a foundation brush for make-up, you can also use pens, pencils, markers.

I would also like to thank his ideological inspirer – Lerochka Starostenko!

To work you will need:

-provoloka 0,2-0.4 mm

-nail polishes

-teyp Feed


-ploskogubtsy with narrow noses

-sharikovye handle with bases of different diameter

-capacity with rice or a piece of clay, or a piece of foam


high school graduation

 Make a frame for the flowers. Narezhte wire into pieces 20-30 cm long, 30-40 segments. Use the pen or brush the base form the petals, wound around the wire around the base, twist together the ends hanging down the wire and remove the coil 2-4. Spin is not weak, otherwise the form will disintegrate, but not tugo- wire breaks; work-out, you pochuvststvuete this middle ground.

decorations with flowers

jewelry wire

You can do three, four or five lepeskov. I use two brushes with a base of different diameter, for smaller and larger petals.

This is what happens at the beginning:



Then the petals slightly bends with the same pen, a finger to help:

Spring-Summer 2013

Random straighten petals fingers to each other they did not come. As a result, you should get here are graceful karkasiki for future multi-colored flowers:


And now the most interesting and troublesome! First, lay on the working surface of a sheet of paper, so as not to stain it, varnish droplets may drip. Second, prepare a container of rice or a piece of clay, which will stick to dry flowers.

Brush liberally wetting varnish and how to stretch the frame to the first layer of varnish. The more brush and smaller diameter lobe, the easier. Received can not immediately)





We plant our flowers in a bowl of rice to dry)

The second layer is applied after about 30 minutes, and after another 30 minutes, the third. You can even fourth layer for strength. Dried overnight.

But do not forget, even though three or four layers of varnish, they are still very fragile.

Now, with these colors, you can do whatever your heart desires, I decided to make them into a wreath for hairstyles. Number of flowers for my wreath-37 pieces.

Now, each flower you need to twist wires together, hold pliers flower at the base with one hand and twist the two wires:


Teip-tape cut into thin strips. I decided to take the brown, to create the effect of branches, you can use the green and white. You can and does leave a shiny wire stems.


We swing the teip each stem-tape

Then we produce frame-basis for a wreath. We cut a piece of wire of 0.4 mm, bend it, make a loop and twist with each other, the size determine for themselves:


The framework also entwine teip-tape:

Now cut a long piece of tape teip and width will make about 5 mm (can be cut in half along its) randomly and fasten the flowers to the frame, securing teip-tape. Here you can show your creative imagination: make ample distance between colors or tight and densely arrange them on the wreath:

Attached to the hair bands that need to be threaded through the frame hinges. That’s all!

I wish you all a lot of colors! And always be beautiful!


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