Painted Garden Set for Mom – Cheap and Easy Crafts .

This great painted garden set makes a sentimental gift for mom and a lovely inexpensive Mother’s Day gift. With bright hues of pink and orange, use your painting skills to make a memorable gift for your favorite gardener or yourself!

Painted Garden Set for Mom

• Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint:
o Pop Pink 2646
o Black Cherry 2538
o Poppy Orange 2555
o White 2505
o OJ 2649
o Maroon 2075
o Think Pink 2658
o Black 206
o Bamboo 2657
• Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Metal Primer
• Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Satin Exterior/Interior Varnish
• Surfaces- available at Michaels
o Galvanized Tin Watering Can
o Galvanized Tin Bucket
• Loew-Cornell La Cornellie Brushes (
o Liner Series 7350 Size #1
o Wash Series 7550 1”
o Filbert Series 7500C #8
o Shader Series 7300 Size #12
• Brush Tub
•Black graphite transfer paper

• Stylus

• Tracing paper
• Palette Paper
• Paper towel
• Scissors

1. Apply even coat Metal Primer to all pieces 1” wash brush, Allow to dry.
2. Basecoat Chocolate Cherry areas using 1” wash brush referring to color picture. Do wandering
Pop Pink line on all dark areas using #1 liner. There is no right or wrong to this line just set your
brush down and let it wander!
3. Lay tracing paper over pattern. Trace all lines. Lay tracing on surface, tape top and one side. Slide graphite paper between tracing and surface, draw over all lines.
4. Apply pattern.
5. Basecoat flower petals Pop Pink using #8 filbert. Float shadows Maroon using 1” wash brush. Streak highlights from tip of petal pulling towards center of flower in Think Pink using #8 filbert.

6. Basecoat center of flower and butterfly wings OJ using #12 shader. Float shadows Poppy Orange using same brush. Float highlights White plus touch of OJ using same brush. Do all Black on butterfly using #1 liner.

7. Using #1 liner outline flower petals, butterfly wings and do tole strokes in butterfly wings White.
Using stylus do dots around center of flower and on butterfly wings White.
8. Basecoat Bamboo and Pop Pink areas referring to color picture using appropriate sized brush.
9. Using #6 shader stripe bamboo areas in OJ. Using #1 liner fill in between with Pop Pink. Using
#1 liner do White stripes on side of each color.
10. Apply as many coats of Satin Varnish as desired using 1” wash brush.

By: Chris Thornton-Deason


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