Rose Bouquet Ball _ Valentine’s Day Crafts


By: Ashley Urke

Create the perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day with pink or red silk roses. The technique is simple to follow and the results are simply gorgeous. Make a few to hang around your house. These would also make for a beautiful wedding decoration.

Rose Bouquet Ball
Rose Bouquet Ball



 Pink or red silk roses
 Foam ball (I used a 5″ which ended up being WAY bigger than I thought!)
 Hot glue gun
 Ribbon to Hang
 Terra Cotta Pot or Mug to use as a base

Rose Bouquet Ball
Rose Bouquet Ball



1. I hot glued the roses onto the Styrofoam ball…the base really helps in the beginning.

2. Keep on going around…

3. Add some ribbon to hang it from.

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Rose Bouquet Ball
Rose Bouquet Ball