Sewing Bags: Tutorials You’ll Love – Burlap Purse With Shabby Rose


By: Nancy

You’d be surprised to hear that you can make a lovely purse like the Burlap Purse With Shabby Rose for around $5! Similar bags can set you back $100. Use this free purse pattern to be both smart and stylish.

Sewing Bags Tutorials
Sewing Bags Tutorials



 Burlap material for outside
 Cotton fabric for inside lining
 General sewing supplies


Sewing Bags Tutorials
Sewing Bags Tutorials


1. You can make this bag for about $5.50.  It  was  pretty easy to do. Start by cutting the bottom front and back. Cut two pieces 10″ high x 18″ wide. Make six pleats along the top, each pleat facing the center of the rectangle. After these are pinned in baste it on the sewing machine. Do this for both the front and back of the purse. Notice that the top is now curved. The piece that goes on top of this will need to be fitted. You’ll need enough fabric for 1.5 X your hip measurement, cut to about 20″ in length.


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2. Measure the width of top (above the pleats) along the curve line with a soft tape measure. This one measures about 13″, but the size will depend on how deep you make your pleats. Cut two pieces of burlap 5″ tall X width of your top (5″ X 13″ in this example). When you go to pin this piece on, it will appear to be WAY too small. Don’t freak out! Just follow the curve at the top and ease it into place. Sew these two pieces
together. Now you can start on one side of the purse and sew down one side seam, the bottom seam and then up the other side seam in one swoop! Make your lining exactly like the outside and place it inside, wrong sides together.


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3. Before you sew the lining to the outside make your straps. Cut two strips 22″ X 3″. Sew with 1/2″ seam and turn inside out. Put these in between the lining and the outside and sew it all up. You can put the straps side-to-side rather than front to back.


Sewing Bags Tutorials
Sewing Bags Tutorials