Everyone wants to create maximum comfort at home – so that every thing was in its place, and the space used at the same time ergonomically. ELLE assembled 20 tips and rules of interior designers, with which to equip the house will be easier and more efficient!

Rule №1. Neutral shades for the soft furnishings.

Cream, beige, gray when choosing a sofa or a bed headrest to be much more reasonable purchase, than the bright color trend, periodically go out of fashion. For these design accents have pillows and blankets.


20 useful tips for the perfect home decor

Rule number 2. Pillows for catchy accent.

Actually, the rule arising from the first paragraph: designers recommend to acquire an arsenal of colorful pillows in different shapes and sizes, due to which the room just will sparkle with bright colors.

20 useful tips for the perfect home decor

Rule number 3. Avoid impulse buys.

Before you go to the store for a new sofa or new curtains, it is recommended to the smallest detail to remember the living space, the color palette of the room, as well as any measure.

Rule number 4. Learn how to hang pictures professionally.

A common mistake when you make space – too high hanging paintings or works of art. The ideal height for a picture – from 145 to 152 cm above the floor.

Rule number 5. Learning how to frame a picture.

The rule of thumb when choosing a frame for a photo or picture – wide for large formats for small narrow.

Rule number 6. Choosing the paint for the walls in the least.

Another common mistake beginners from interior design – select furniture and furnishings in the room the same color as the walls. It turns out that everything should be done the other way around: first, to equip the interior and at the last minute to choose paint for the walls.

Rule number 7. Do not skimp on the panels for switches.

They must fit into the overall design of the space and combined with the color of the walls or wallpaper.

Rule number 8. Do not underestimate the importance of books.

Stack of books with the right design can be an excellent design accent. They can be folded neatly in a pile on the table or put on a low table in front of the sofa and just put on the shelves. Books add color, texture and meaning to the space, giving it a personality.

Rule number 9. Mirrors – an additional source of light.

Must be at least one mirror in each room. Mirrors create more light and help to increase the space.

20 useful tips for the perfect home decor

Rule number 10. Use symmetry. Two lamps symmetrically arranged on the bedside table, the opposite ends of the table, or on either side of the sofa, able to transform into a second living space.

20 useful tips for the perfect home decor

Rule number 11. Bed – in the middle.

If possible, the bed should be placed in the bedroom exactly in the middle of the length of the wall to which it is leaning against his headboard.

20 useful tips for the perfect home decor

Rule number 12. Carpet plays a key role.

Many recommended to start furnish your room with a selection of catchy carpet. This is a quick way to identify and colors, and the overall mood of the room.

Rule number 13. The correct proportions when choosing a carpet.

Follows from the preceding paragraph rule – respect the proportions when choosing a carpet. It is believed that all the legs of the chairs in the living room should stay on the carpet, when they push away from the table.

Rule number 14. Chairs -.

From the walls of a chair or a dining table as far as possible do not touch the walls, otherwise they will visually reduce the space.

20 useful tips for the perfect home decor

. Rule number 15. No cliché printing

Marine band, anchors and shells are good in small doses, but to make out the room one print is not recommended – so you can quickly put himself into the frame.

Rule number 16. The dining table and chairs should be the same.

Even if parents or friends offered to take in the new apartment dining table, should think several times before agreeing to a tempting offer. One of the most common mistakes – select chairs to an existing table, risking to miss the proportions and design. It is best to choose a ready-made set.

Rule number 17. Decide on the central element of the decor.

The easiest way is always to maintain the interior decor at – choose a permanent central element, whether it is an interesting vase, candle holder and a stylish original lamp, coordinate all time will be on the table.

Rule number 18. Hang curtains at the correct height.

According to the rules, the eaves should be mounted at a height of at least 10 cm above the window frame and the ends should extend beyond the frame by at least 25 cm on both sides.

Rule number 19. Buy flowers.

Fresh flowers and manicured perennial plants in neat pots – one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add comfort and light to any room.

20 useful tips for the perfect home decor

Rule number 20. Remember: you can always change your mind!

Incorrectly assume that once decorated the space will remain so forever. We made a design flaw? Rather than torment yourself regret, it is necessary: to repaint, buy again, remake and move on!


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