DIY Decorating Ideas – How to Make a Paper Ball !

Hello, hello, hello, dear masters and craftsmen! Kind time of the day, Country!
Still being strongly impressed by the trip, I want to show you one of the moments of the exhibition – the presentation of our group “Lotus”, which was held at the opening of the finals of the international contest “Mom in all languages” in Beijing.
Having received the assignment to introduce our group, we quickly conferred and decided to show a fairy tale. But do not just show it, but tie it to some Chinese technique. We did not bother to embroider silk in silk embroidery, but chose modestly Chinese balls.
So, first, I would like to present to your attention the master class on making these very balls. Someone, maybe familiar with this technique, but, I think, for someone it will be new …
Doing it is not difficult at all, what you will see for yourself, but you will get joy out of it!

DIY Decorating Ideas
DIY Decorating Ideas

For the manufacture of the ball, we need:
– crêpe paper (I have not much Tighting) can regular office or tracing paper
– thin cardboard
– glue stick (if you use a smooth type of paper, you can take any glue in the
bottle with a thin spout)
– Scissors
– ruler
– pencil
– needle and thread
– awlo
– paper clips

DIY Decorating Ideas
DIY Decorating Ideas

Roll crepe paper cut into strips width of 15 cm.


Strips of paper cut into segments of 15 cm. We get the squares of 15×15 cm.
In total, we need 30 squares.


The resulting squares are cut in half. We get rectangles measuring 15×7.5 cm.
ATTENTION! Squares of crepe-paper are cut across the existing strips.
You see these grooves on paper, they are clearly visible …


From a thin cardboard we cut out a circle with a diameter of 15 cm.


We cut it in half.


Now prepare the stencil for gluing.
We draw a sheet of paper lines at a distance of 2 cm from each other, alternating the color of the strips –
one strip of thin pencil, the next thick, drawn with a felt-tip pen. And so all the following.


We take a half of a cardboard circle, completely smear it with glue-pencil, paste on it a
rectangle of our crepe-paper, cut off the excess.
We put a colored semicircle on the stencil for gluing. This way.
You see, the stencils on the stencil turned out to be closed?


And now with glue-pencil we as though dorisovyvaem the interrupted strias. See, the glue
gleams a little ?
First, “draw” thick strips …
ATTENTION! Here we understand why it was necessary to cut the squares
across the stripes – now our glue-pencil easily goes along these grooves, located
vertically, completely filling them, and if these grooves were located horizontally, the
glue-pencil would not slide so easily , and besides constantly pulled out a paper.


Glue-pencil try to hold at an angle, promazyvaya paper edge of the rod, so that the strips are not wide.


We overlay the next rectangle of paper from above, smooth it with your hand and
additionally iron up and down the edge of the ruler so that the grip of the sheets of paper is stronger.
Ruler is best to take a wooden, since its edge is wider than that of a plastic one.


On this glued rectangle we “finish” the already thin, pencil lines of the stencil.
You see, there are already 4 glue strips …


So we paste the rest of the rectangles – first with three glue strips, then four.
That is, we overspread our rectangles in a checkerboard pattern.

DIY Decorating Ideas
DIY Decorating Ideas

We turn our cardboard semicircle, see what happened.
Now everything that goes beyond the semicircle is circumcised.


It turns out that such a preparation.
Back view…


Front view…


Now on the lilac color we paste rectangles of yellow color.
We paste in the same staggered order.


We cut off all that is superfluous.
All one half of the ball we made.
We remove while aside.


We take the second half of the cardboard circle and begin to paste rectangles of yellow on it.
Completely repeat the entire process of pasting the paper mentioned above.

Paper Ball
Paper Ball

All the paper we have glued on and that’s what we should get – two halves of a ball.
On one half, lilac and yellow paper are pasted, and on the second – yellow and lilac. This technique will give a very nice alternation of colors!
ATTENTION! The last sheets of paper on both halves of the ball should be glued in the
same way or with three strips of glue, or four …
Now take a close look – see, both halves are finished with the same number of glue strips. There are 4 of them on each half. So, glue the glue 3 strips on one half and add both halves face to face.
We’ll squeeze it well and let the glue dry.


Our ball is almost ready. This is his 180 degree turn.
Look, what a beauty we have!
It remains to flash it.

Paper Ball
Paper Ball

Having admired the resulting result, add the ball and make a hole in it
to sew all layers of paper with a thread.


One edge is sewn with a short thread.
Do not tighten the thread, and then you will not be able to open the ball completely. We leave the loop
Superfluous tips cut off.


For the second edge, make a long loop, as this will serve as a suspension for our
They tied a knot …


… tails cut off.


The resulting loop was scrolled, pushing the knot to the cardboard base of the ball.


A little deviating from the cardboard, tie another knot.
That’s what should happen.


Everything, we asked for the ball. Both ends look very neat.
A long loop can be strung bright beads …

DIY - Decorating Ideas - Paper Ball
DIY – Decorating Ideas – Paper Ball

Now open the ball 360 degrees and paste the cardboard halves with regular

Paper Ball
Paper Ball

We hang the ball and admire the beauty!
Aye yes we are! Well done!

DIY - Decorating Ideas - Paper Ball
DIY – Decorating Ideas – Paper Ball


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