It’s an Alien, It’s an Alien – Summer Crafts for Kids .

Kids can always use toys to play with, now they can make their own. These little green men are made of yarn, pom poms and other materials. In seven easy steps your kids can have aliens among them.

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•    STYROFOAM* Brand Foam:
o  Eggs: 2‐1/2″, two; 3‐1/16″, one
•    Pom poms: 1/4″ green, six; 1/8″ green, 12; 1/4″ neon pink, three; 1/8″ neon pink, six
•    Green felt, various shades, one to two sheets each
•    Bright green yarn
•    Bright green paints: acrylic; glitter dimensional
•    Glow‐in‐the‐dark wiggly eyes, round or oval, 8mm to 12mm, five
•    Green chenille stems, plain and tinsel, four to six each
•    Serrated knife
•    Candle stub or paraffin
•    Fine‐line black permanent marker
•    Pencil
•    Ruler
•    Three wooden skewers
•    Stiff bristled paintbrush
•    Disposable palette
•    Water basin
•    Paper towels
•    Scissors
•    Thick, white craft glue


(Note: Instructions are general guidelines only. The best guide is your imagination!)

1.   Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Cut small slice from wide end of egg so it sits flat.

2.   Insert skewers into foam eggs. Holding skewer, paint eggs green. Place skewers in heavy glass or jar; let dry.

3.   Using photo as guide, cut chenille stems to desired lengths for legs, antennae, and arms. Apply glue to stem ends and push directly into foam.

4.   Cut feet and hands from desired shades of felt. Cut two long felt strips for small sitting alien’s legs. Glue felt pieces to bottom of body or ends of chenille stems as desired.

5.   Cut mouths, eyebrows and/or eyelashes, ears, and antennae ends from light green felt; glue to foam or chenille stem ends. If desired, faces may also be embellished with green dimensional paint; let paint dry completely.

6.   Use skewer tip to press short lengths of yarn “hair” into foam (see center alien).

7.   Glue wiggly eyes, pink pom pom noses and cheeks, and green pom pom toes to aliens.

By: Kathleen George


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