Instructions for Autumnal Weath:
Greet autumn with a rustic homemade wreath. Hang this homemade decoration on your door or up on an interior wall. Choose fall colors like brown, red and orange to complete the project.


17 Easy Crafts With Yarn Make Accessories Decor and More with Lion Brand Imagine Yarn-50



 LION BRAND® IMAGINE® (Art. #515)
o #312 Brown Sugar 2 hanks (A)
o #313 Autumn Leaves 3 hanks (B) or colors of your choice

Additional Materials:

 Foam wreath
 Balloons
 White craft glue
 Paint brush
 Paper plate
 Sewing needle and thread
 String
 Plastic drop cloth or trash bag


Size: As desired


Unfold one hank of A. The yarn is constructed as a tube. Gently slide your arm through the yarn tube, grasp the yarn, then pull yarn tube back up your arm to double it.
Inflate 8 balloons to about 11 in. (28 cm) circumference, or as desired.
Slide balloons into doubled yarn tube. With string, tie a knot on each side of each balloon. Tie a doubled length of string onto one end of yarn tube as a hanging loop.
Find a place to hang the tube. You’ll be painting glue onto this hanging tube, so cover the surface below the tube with a plastic drop cloth or spare plastic trash bag.
Pour glue onto a paper plate. With paint brush, paint glue onto each balloon. Allow glue to dry. Pop each balloon. For a gentle release of air, we suggest popping each balloon close to where you tied it off.
Cut the yarn tube between each balloon.
Pull popped balloons from yarn tube. Reshape yarn bobbles if needed.

Unfold one hank of B. Glue one end of B to back of wreath and allow to dry. Wrap B length around wreath until entire length has been used. Cut end of yarn and glue to back of wreath. Repeat with second hank of B, until entire wreath is covered.

Twist remaining A and B yarns together, then wrap twisted strand around wreath. With sewing needle and thread, take
a few stitches through the twisted strand to keep it in place.
Glue bobbles to wreath.

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Designed by: Lion Brand Design Team


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