Spring activities and crafts
Spring activities and crafts



 construction paper (yellow, orange and your choice)
 school glue
 scissors
 yellow paint
 googly eye
 assorted collage materials in yellow (feathers, pipe cleaners, pompoms)

1. Ahead of time: Cut 1 large and 1 medium circle from the yellow construction paper. Cut two long, thin rectangles (for the legs) and three small triangles (for the feet and beak) out of the orange paper. It should look something like this:
2. Allow your child to paint the the large circle (will become the chicks body). We used the Do-A-Dot Stampers (the chick looked like it had pocks!)
3. Next, add the collage materials to the large circle. Set aside.
4. Glue the triangle feet to the chick legs.
5. Glue the large circle to the mounting paper, only at the center of the circle (so you can add the legs and head later). Dab a little glue on the ends of the legs and slip them under
the body. (Honestly, it’s pretty cute just like this, but for anatomical purposes, I thought it needed a head!)
6. Glue down the head next to the body. Add the eye and beak and let dry!
So cute!