If you have an unusual name, personalized gifts can be tough to find. A quick and easy alternative is to make your own version using a plain item, such as this once all-white pencil case.

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 Spellbinders Die Templates L3-01 Indulgence Font, S4-092 Stars 5
 WorldWin DoubleMates Perfect Plum
 ColorMates Deep Terrific Teal papers
 Pencil case
 Metallic rub-ons
 sticker maker
 Patterned paper


1. We purchased four Styrofoam balls (two that were 4″, one 8″ and one 10″).

2. We painted them a shade of brown so that the white was not seen in between the corks. I hung them to dry overnight.

3. Next, I hot glued the corks on one by one.

4. I glued a line of corks around the center and then filled in one half. Then I flipped it over and filled in the other half row by row. Occasionally the bottom of a cork had to be trimmed down some to fit into a tighter space.

By: Jennifer Ellefson


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