By: Sarah Forhan for Consumer Crafts
Learn how to make hair bows using just a Bowdabra and a ruler! Make Back to School Hair Bows in every color of the rainbow for a sweet addition to every outfit. A snap clip wrapped in ribbon makes these hair bows easy to fasten and gentle on hair.

Back to School Hair Bows
Back to School Hair Bows



 Glue gun
 3/8″ wide grosgrain ribbon
 2 snap clips
 Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool & Ruler and interactive CD
 7/8″ wide grosgrain ribbon
 Mini Bowdabra
 Bowdabra Bow Wire


Hair Accessories-36 - Copy


1. First begin by hot gluing the 3/8″ wide ribbon to the end of the snap clip. Place the ribbon onto the top of the snap clip and hot glue it in place.

2. Wrap the ribbon tightly around one side of the snap clip. Hot glue the ribbon onto the clip to hold it in place.

3. Next, wrap the ribbon around the point of the snap clip, hot glue and pinch the ribbon together. Bring the ribbon around to the other side.


Hair Accessories-37 - Copy


4. Wrap the other side of the snap clip tightly and hot glue the ribbon end. Make two matching snap clips.

5. Using the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler’s interactive CD follow the simple instructions to make a Quad Pinwheel Bow using 7/8″ wide Grosgrain Ribbon and add a small Boutique Bow using the same 3/8′ wide ribbon that you lined the snap clips with.


Back to School Hair Bows
Back to School Hair Bows


6. Make two matching bows using the Mini Bowdabra, Hair Bow Tool and Ruler, and Bowdabra Bow Wire.

7. Trim away extra Bowdabra Bow Wire, hot glue a finishing ribbon onto the bows, and then hot glue the bows onto the metal ends of the lined snap clips.

8. Make several bows using different colored ribbon to match your daughter’s outfits.

Back to School Hair Bows
Back to School Hair Bows