– Plastic bags- Scissors, needles,

Step 1:

– Cut off the bottom of the handle of bags.

Step 2:

– Cut cross from the edge of pocket to start cutting risk within the body panels are plastic bags long.

Step 3:

– Similarly, we cut more panels you need it.

Step 4:

– Now the festival has cut sheets are available.

We can get his head on a nail wire for easy weaving!

Step 5:

– Weaving more so the longer term.

Step 6:

– Roll the plastic fiber weaving in a circle just like the do to your basket and the fibers fixed together by needle blockage

Step 7:

– With his body, the plastic fibers stacked on each other, both have stitched out the blockage.

Step 8:

– Go to the full height of the basket is fixed to the edge of nylon rope is sure to be.

It is very easy!