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Beautiful handmade ring !!

handmade ring

Materials Needed

1. You need to determine what you will use to wrap the base of the ring, so go get a ring that currently fits and

search the house for a cylinder that size.  You could try markers,  wood touch-up pens, your makeup drawer

2. This is seriously the hardest part. Wrap the wire around the ring a few times . It’s difficult to stay tight to your

cylinder, so go slow and make it look good.

3. Next overlap a little so the wires are sticking out to the sides of the ring instead of straight up

4. Put a largish bead on one end and needle-nose it into place. I usually turn the wire with the tips, then smash the

bead and the wire together with the pliers.  This does not need to look perfect, it will mostly be hidden, just make

sure that raw wire is tucked in somewhere. I like that the tucked in wire meets each other (so it covers the whole

space between the beads, making it easier to do the next steps).Also, see how my rings are spaced far apart? That’s

fine, you will pull them together later when you wrap the other beads.

5.  Choose several smallish beads to make the top part. You could throw a large in there too, but mostly small.

handmade ring

6. String a few at a time onto your 24 gauge wire and wrap around the ring, then add more and wrap again…3

times (or more if your end beads are further apart). The beads should just be on top of the ring, not under.  It

should use 2-4 beads per wrap. The wrap should extend from one end bead to the other and make a nice dome. 

accessories crafts

7. Now twist the ends together, snip the ends and tuck it in tight.