This trendy little feathered bird can hold your grocery list or a personal note to someone special. In only six steps Kathleen George shows us how to make this feathered friend a useful friend.

22 Summer Crafts for Kids-10




• STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:  o Egg, 3″

• Acrylic paints, colors of choice

• Coordinating craft foam circles, 3/8″, two

• Craft feathers, colors of choice

• Wiggle eyes, 1/4″, two

• Black string or elastic cord (optional)

• Wooden spring‐type clothespin

• Serrated plastic knife

• Ruler

• Wooden skewer

• Round paintbrush

• Disposable palette

• Water basin

• Paper towels

• Scissors

• Low‐temp glue gun and glue sticks

• Thick, white craft glue


(Note: Some adult supervision required; read instructions before beginning. Adults only should handle

the serrated knife.)


1. Use serrated plastic knife to cut thin slice on a slight angle from narrow end of foam egg; this will be neck. If desired, cut thin slice from one side of egg so body will sit flat.


2. Use glue gun to glue clothespin to neck area for head/beak; open end should be at front of bird.  Refer to photo.


3. Insert skewer into bottom of bird to use as handle. Holding skewer, paint entire bird color of choice; place in heavy glass or jar to dry. Remove skewer.


4. Use skewer to poke tiny holes into each side of body for two to four feathers. Apply dot of glue to hole and push tip of feather into it.


5. Glue two craft foam circles to opposite sides of clothespin as shown for eyes; glue wiggle eyes to foam. Be sure not to glue clothespin closed. Let dry completely.


6. Tie string to wire spring for hanging birds. Insert message into beak.