How blind mushrooms from plasticine

Mushrooms from plasticine primary

This photo master class I will tell you how to sculpt clay mushrooms from his hands. Make like elementary lesson better suited for children as well as mushrooms is very simple and there are no small parts twisted. Master class contains two types of mushrooms, toadstools and yellow boletus, one word get a beautiful meadow. Let’s immediately begin to create these crafts.


Plastilina need not very much. Colors take here are: beige, brown, red and green. This creature I managed 15 minutes in children will be a little longer, around 45 minutes it will take. But most importantly the children to do something.


Prepare material for the product immediately. It takes just a permanent plastic knife, which helps us to precisely cut the clay, do a variety of scars, etc.

Mushrooms from plasticine 1

Amanita plasticine

I demonstrate just what you need to create a fly agaric. Two big red hat. Beige two legs and eight small balls, as well beige.

Mushrooms from clay 2

Let us give shape hats. At the center, they should be slightly convex.

Mushrooms from plasticine 3

We attach the legs to the edge of the hat and do a little wavy.

Mushrooms from plasticine 4

Then, for each hat Prilep eight white dots. In random order.

Mushrooms from plasticine 5

Plasticine amanita ready.

Mushrooms from plasticine 6

Butter mushrooms from plasticine

Butter mushrooms made even easier. Make one big ball of clay brown.

Mushrooms from plasticine 7

Gently, evenly and precisely cut with a plastic knife ball. So we made hats for mushrooms of the species. It is certainly possible to mold each separately.

Mushrooms from plasticine 8

Feet in oil is not very high. Beige Colour.

Mushrooms from plasticine 9

We connect the legs and hats. Butter mushrooms are ready.

Mushrooms from plasticine 10

From green plasticine roll more like these sausages. On the meadow mushroom must exist and grass.

Mushrooms from plasticine 11

Of the three or four parts forming just such a grass.

Mushrooms from plasticine 12

And sets a clearing in a random order. It turned out two mushroom, two and four oiler Bush of green grass.

Mushrooms from plasticine 13

Mushrooms from plasticine 14

Mushrooms from plasticine 15

In addition, try to dazzle food and ice cream made from plasticine .

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