Here’s an idea for some fun and easy spring crafts. Get the kids involved in making a Blooming Spring Lei. They can wear them around their necks or make extra long chains and drape it around the house like garland.


String or yarn
Straws cut into peices (about 1 inch long)
Contruction paper or scrapbook paper for your flowers, flower centers & leaves
Markers, crayons or pencil crayons to
decorate your flower pieces
A hole punch to punch holes in the
center of all your flower pieces





1. Cut out some flowers, circles & leaves in varying colors from cardstock/construction paper.

2. Decorate your flower pieces any way you choose using markers, crayons or pencil crayons.

3. Cut up your straws into approximately 1 inch long pieces.

4. Start stringing your flower peices & straw beads onto your string.

5. When you`re done tie the ends of the string together.


By: Rebecca Cooper


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