Crystal Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Look no further than this design for how to make cool bracelets. You can make a fashion
statement and send a message with this gorgeous Crystal Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet.


1 Toggle Charm Bracelet
6 Falling Stars Crystal Dangles – Crystal AB
4 Charmed Love Crystal Charm – Light Rose
45 4mm Swarovski Crystal Round Light Rose
4 10.3 x 10mm Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant – Rose
9’ 24 Gauge ColourCraft Silver Wire
17 6mm Silver Plated Jump Rings
To create the Brest Cancer Awareness Bracelet
you will have to create four different types of

1. 3 Pink Ribbon Pendants: Take a piece of Gauge ColourCraft Silver Wire and make a small loop in one of the ends. Now string twelve 4mm Swarovski Crystal Round Light Rose, bend and twist the wire after the fourth crystal closing a loop made out of eight crystals. On the
empty tale of wire string three more crystals and secure the end by making a small loop. Now that your pink ribbon is complete add a jump ring at the top.

2. 3 Pink Heart Dangles: Start by opening a jump ring, slide one crystal heart and close.
3. 4 Metal Heart Dangles: Prepare your charms by sliding a open jump ring
thought the loop of your Charmed Love Crystal Charms.
4. 6 Crystal Falling Star Dangles: Prepare your charms by sliding a open jump ring
thought the loop of your six Falling Stars Crystal Dangles.
5. All the dangles will be attached by using 6mm jump rings (see Jewelry Making Techniques- Opening and Closing Jump Rings).

6. Take a Toggle Charm Bracelet, and leave three free links, in the fourth link attach Pink Heart Dangle, continue by adding a Rose Heart Dangle. Next, add a Crystal Falling Star Dangle. Leaving one link add a Pink Ribbon.
7. Following with the pattern add one Crystal Falling Star Dangle, one Pink Heart Dangle and one more Metal Heart Dangle and another Crystal Falling Star Dangle. The last dangle to add is Pink Ribbon Pendant used as center piece. Attach the same pattern but in the inverse way to complete your bracelet.


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