Bracelet Patterns : Seasonal Braided Bracelet .

This Seasonal Braided Bracelet is a great way to show you care. This bracelet will remind you of the friendship bracelets you made when you were a kid. However, this design is sophisticated and perfect for fall.

20 Bracelet Patterns Macram Bracelets Friendship Bracelets Hemp Bracelets and More eBook_page38_image91

Kreinik 3/8″ Trim (wired), any 3 colors
Kreinik Cord in a color to match one of your trim colors
Toggle clasp and ring, or other fastener with medium to large sized holes
Decorative beads with medium to large
sized holes, if desired

20 Bracelet Patterns Macram Bracelets Friendship Bracelets Hemp Bracelets and More eBook_page38_image90

1. Make sure a small piece of tape is wrapped around the end of each piece of 3/8″ trim; this will keep the ends from separating as you work.
2. Measure your wrist or determine how long you want your bracelet to be.
3. Start braiding the 3 colors together, keeping the trim flat as you braid.

4. When you get to the end, fold two of your 3/8″ trim colors to the back, and wrap the cord tightly around them to secure (stitch in and out with the cord to make sure these two ends are secured together). Cut the taped ends off of these two, trimming as needed close to
your wrapped area.

5. Take your other trim length and insert it into the ring on your clasp. Turn it under, and secure by wrapping with your cord.
6. Use your needle to stitch in and out and around the ends to secure and fasten off with a stitcher’s knot. Trim the tape off this piece of 3/8″ trim as close to your wrapped area as possible.
7. Repeat step #5 for the other end.


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