Spring activities and crafts.
Spring activities and crafts.


 burlap scraps
 dewing machine, pins, tan thread, and other sewing supplies
 dry beans for stuffing
 black acrylic paint
 pink distressing ink
 buttons, fabric strips, or other embellishments


1. Cut 2 pieces of burlap. I did not measure, but I tried to make my pieces tall and long.
2. Cut a “V” shape in the top of each piece for the bunny’s ears. Then match them up and pin together.
3. Sew a little bunny sack to stuff with dry beans. Start at the bottom of one ear and sew down the side, across the bottom and up the other side, leaving the top open.
4. Next, clip the corners and turn the little bunny sack inside out. Fill with beans, but not
TOO full.

5. Sew straight across the top of the bunny sack and then use ribbon/fabric scraps to gather them. Sew around each of the ears and trim them to your liking. I love that my tan thread was virtually invisible.
6. Paint and embellish. I painted the faces using black acrylic paint. I realized that painting the face lower than I might think turned out the best so it didn’t get lost in the “scrunch” when I gathered it. Using a fine Sharpie, I added a few details like whiskers. I used pink distressing ink (I think it was called “Worn Lipstick”) to add a little blush to the bunny’s cheeks and the insides of his ears.
Have fun!