By Uchida of America, Corp.

Use some chalk marker to create this fun bag that will show off your style. You can use your favorite colors

and create your own list for this one-of-a-kind craft. This would be a perfect gift for your best gal pal or for
a wedding party gift. Anyone would love to get a handmade tote made by you, because it was made with love.

Handmade Bag
Handmade Bag


• Marvy®/Uchida Bistro Chalk marker jumbo – white
• Marvy®/Uchida Bistro Chalk marker broad – white, fluorescent pink, fluorescent violet
• Acrylic paint – black
• Textile medium
• Paint brush
• Masking tape
• White canvas tote – medium
• Cardboard
• Towel or cloth


Handmade Bag
Handmade Bag


Step One
Wash and dry tote according to instructions. Iron if necessary.
Step Two
On the front of the tote create a square with masking tape. About 8” x 10” or any size you like. Press down firmly on tape to make sure there isn’t a gap between the tape and fabric.
Step Three
Mix 2:1 ratio of acrylic paint with the textile medium.


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Step Four
Paint the masked area. Let it dry overnight. Repeat this two more times.
Step Five
Once completely dry you will have to condition the chalkboard.Take the white Jumbo Bistro Chalk marker and color the chalkboard completely. Let it dry.


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Step Six
Take a damp cloth and completely wipe off the white. Remove the masking tape. Note: Conditioning it will fill in the porous areas and prevent ghosting. It won’t be completely black after you do this.
Step Seven
Take the fluorescent pink and write at the top ”Shopping” and then write “list” in fluorescent purple.


Handmade Bag
Handmade Bag


Step Eight
Create little check boxes with the Bistro Chalk marker broad tip white.Then write the items next to it.
Note: Use a damp cloth to erase. Hand wash or use gentle cycle to wash tote. Condition it after washing to eliminate ghosting.