By: Flamingo Toes
This Charming Valentine’s Day Wreath is simple, sweet, and absolutely beautiful. It’s the perfect way to show your Valentine’s Day spirit without losing the elegance of your home decor. With embroidered lace bunting, soft felt flowers, and pink and white pearls sprinkled all over, this DIY wreath is simply stunning. Using light colors and delicatelooking fabrics like the lace, gives it a soft, elegant feel.The tiny pearls also give it a subtle sparkle. Create this beautiful  wreath for your home this February.

 Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day



 1 Styrofoam Wreath Form – mine was 8″
 Jute – enough to wrap wreath. I used about half  of a large roll.
 Pink and white felt
 Embroidery floss
 Baby rick rack
 Lace
 Pearl Stick pins
 Hot glue/gun

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1. Start by wrapping your wreath form with jute. This is pretty self-explanatory. Glue one end down, then just
wrap. I found it was easier to not pull out too much jute – and to just wrap the package around and let the jute
come out a little at a time.

2. Next up – make up a few felt flowers. I made two regular felt rosettes and then layered three felt rosettes with 3
folded ruffle flowers. You can find instructions for all those on the How To Do That flowers page. I made one of
the layered flowers bigger than the others so that it could be a sort of centerpiece.
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3. Arrange the flowers along the lower left side of the wreath form. Insert pearl stick pins through the centers,
then into the wreath to hold them on. You might have a little trouble getting them through the glue but I have
all confidence that you can do it.


 Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day


4. Cut out six little pennants out of felt. With a disappearing marker, write out the letters and a heart.


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5. Embroider the letters and heart with a backstitch. You can find the instructions for that on the Embroidery page.

6. Glue a little bit of baby rick rack to the back of the pennants. Cause we need more cuteness. And rick rack is always appropriate.


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7. Glue the little pennant pieces to thin lace and tie bows in each end.
8. Add the pennant bunting to the top side of the wreath, a little to the right side. Pin it to the wreath with the pearl stick pins.
9. Add some pink and white pearl pins around the wreath for a little fun.


 Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day


 Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day


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