Count down to Christmas in a cute and creative way with this advent calendar craft! Kids will have as much fun making this project as they will counting down each day. This is a festive way to celebrate all season long and build up the holiday excitement!

for Kids to Make-62
Christmas Tree



 24 coin wrappers
 tacky glue (Elmers is not strong enough)
 green paint
 pom-poms, gems, stickers, beads (anything to decorate the tree)
 star
 small candy (Tootsie Rolls and Sixlets work well)


for Kids to Make-63


1.) Start by gluing the coin rolls into a tree form. (This has to dry for a couple hours after, so you may want to do this step the night before and have it ready to decorate in the morning.)


for Kids to Make-64


2.) Once your tree is dry, let your child paint it green. (This will also need to dry for a bit before adding ornaments.)


for Kids to Make-65
Christmas Tree


3.) Use beads, pom poms, dried pasta, glitter, ribbon, and anything else around the house that can be glued on that tree to make it shine!

4.) Add your star to the top. (We painted a wooden star yellow, but you could even just cut one out of paper and use crayons to color it.)


for Kids to Make-67


5.) Once everything is decorated and dry, fill the rolls with candies to be enjoyed for 24 days of December. Let the countdown begin!


for Kids to Make-62