Clay scraps and a few household items come together to create these adorable Clay Butterfly Charms. Great for using as a gift tag or necklace pendant, these clay charms are so easy to make that you could even use these as wedding favors or baby shower favors for your guests. Turn them into ornaments, jewelry, tags, charms, or even embellishments for your other craft projects…and be creative with these! You never know what you may have lying around the house…

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 Clay (I used Sculpey, at least 2 squares per pendant)
 Clay roller (optional)
 Wax paper
 Assorted rubber or plastic stamps
 X-acto knife
 Toothpicks (optional)

 Baking sheet
 Paper towels
 Paint
 Paint brush
 Mod Podge (optional)
 String
 Beads (optional)


1. Condition 2 Sculpey clay squares (warm it up in your hands until it’s ready to work with) and roll out into a circle
shape, about 3” in diameter. Press your stamp into the clay. You can work on a table or lay wax paper down,
which will allow for easy removal of your clay.
2. Once your stamp is on, remove excess clay with a knife or a shape cutter. You can include writing on your
pendant by using a toothpick to poke out the letters. I wrote “Sing” in the green pendant.
3. Remember to create a hole in the top of the pendant to allow for your necklace string!
4. Bake your pendants on a metal or glass surface according to package directions. Let cool completely.
5. This is the fun part! Lay your cool pendants on a paper towel or paper plate and paint over the pendant with
regular fabric paint. Working quickly, wipe off the paint with a damp paper towel. Some of the paint will stay on
the clay, which is what you want. Try different techniques like rubbing the paint in one direction, dabbing or
sponging with the paper towel, or using your painting skills to paint directly on the clay. It’s totally up to you!
Use like colors for cool shadows and opposite colors for contrast.

6. Let your pendants dry completely.
7. Once your pendants are dry, paint on a layer of Mod Podge. This step is optional, I just like the shine! Let that
dry, too.

8. When your pendants are dry, string your chain through the hole. You can add a bead if you’d like…I used beads
from a bracelet that snapped a few years ago.
9. Here’s what I used to create my pendants. As you can see, I used a variety of rubber stamps, but you can also
use everyday items. The blue pendant is made with a broken earring. Use coins, beads, or other unique pieces
of jewelry to create a unique look in your clay.


 Polymer Clay Tutorials
Polymer Clay Tutorials

24 Polymer Clay Tutorials  Polymer Clay Jewelry Home Decor and More free eBook-112


By: Melissa