By: Shannon

Clay pots aren’t just meant for the garden! Save a few for the winter and make snowmen with your kids. Best of all, you don’t have to step outside. Have your favorite little ones decorate the outside of the clay pot and bring the snowman to life.

Christmas Clay Pot Crafts
Christmas Clay Pot Crafts



 Glue
 Two clay pots
 Texture paint
 Craft paint
 Poster board
 Scissors
 Copy paper
 Tissue paper
 Ribbon


1.) First glue two clay pots together, one upside down on top of the other. Probably any type of  glue that is permanent. Cover both pots with “texture” paint – you can find “snow” paint or some other texture paint in the paint aisle of your craft store. After that dries, paint the whole thing white with craft paint.
2.) For the hat, paint a smaller clay pot with the same texture paint. Then paint over that with black craft paint. For the bill of the hat I cut a circle out of poster board (use a plate as a circle pattern – you just need it to be a size that seems to fit with the sizes of clay pots you is using). Paint the poster board circle with the texture paint, and then paint over that with black craft paint (both sides of the poster board circle need to be painted).

3.) At this point you can paint holly leaves or some other decoration on the hat with craft paint.

4.) Now glue the poster circle to the top of his head, and then glue the small pot upside down onto the poster circle. (I think I used hot glue so that we didn’t have to wait a long time for glue to dry.)

5.) Because I was making this with preschool age kids, I painted circle outlines for his eyes, mouth and buttons. Then the girls filled in the circles with paint.

Christmas Clay Pot Crafts
Christmas Clay Pot Crafts



6.) To make his nose, I twisted white copy paper into a cone shape and glued it together. Then the girls painted it orange. I stuffed it with tissue paper (and glued this into the inside of the cone) – this gave me a “flat” surface that I could apply glue to and then stick to his face.

7.) Then we tied a Christmas ribbon around his neck to cover up where the two big pots meet. We glued this ribbon to him in a few places so that it would not slide off.

Clay Pot Crafts
Clay Pot Crafts



8.) You could use any sizes of clay pots you want to – he could be tiny, or as big as you want him to be. For his body we used pots that are 4-1/2″ tall, and for the hat we used a smaller pot that is 2-3/4″ tall. So ours is about a foot tall.