By: Sandy

Bring wire out from backstage and give it a starring role with this bracelet design. This tutorial shows you how to make wire jewelry that highlights the wire itself by using it to connect beads in elegant spirals. There’s no reason wire has to be hidden in your jewelry projects! Let it shine with this simple wire bracelet tutorial.

DIY Jewelry Wire Wrapping Tutorials
DIY Jewelry Wire Wrapping Tutorials



 six medium-size focal beads
 12 metal spacers
 five-six 5-inch pieces 20-gauge wire
 8-inch piece 20-gauge wire
 clasp
 1-inch length of chain (optional)
 ¼-inch dowel
 metal file
 round nose pliers
 chain nose pliers
 wire cutters


1.) Lightly fold a 5-inch piece of wire in half. Use round nose pliers to begin a loop on one end of wire. Use chain nose pliers to spiral wire around loop until it’s ½ inch from center bend of wire. Straighten out remaining wire.

2.) Slide a spacer bead, a focal bead, and another spacer bead onto wire. Use chain nose and round nose pliers to make a loop and spiral the same way as with other end of wire. Face the spirals in opposite directions.

3.) Repeat to make four or five more spiral links, enough to make length of bracelet needed.

4.) Coil wrap 8-inch length of wire around ¼inch dowel.
Remove wire from dowel and cut coils  apart to create large jump rings.

File ends of jump rings smooth, if necessary.

5.) Use large jump ring to connect center holes of two spiral links together.

Repeat to connect all spiral links.

Use a jump ring to attach clasp to one end. Attach a jump ring and, if necessary,a 1-inch length of chain to opposite end.