Turn a boring hair elastic into a sweet conversation heart with a bit of felt and some embroidery. Wear this felt ring inyour hair on Valentine’s Day, on a finger, or give as a fun giftMake bigger hearts from the felt for larger conversation messages.

Fabric Crafts
Fabric Crafts



 Hair elastic
 Two colors of coordinating felt, craft or wool felt
 Heart and circle templates
 Scissors
 Hand sewing needle


 Embroidery thread (approx. one 8 inch length for
the entire project), divided into three groups of
two strands each
 Tacky glue
 Pen
 Clothespins
1. To make my template, I used a tiny cookie cutter and traced around it on the back of a cake box I dug out of my
recycling bin.

2. I have a huge bag full of felt scraps and as you can see it’s not going to take much to cut out the heart.


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Fabric Crafts
Fabric Crafts


3. I traced my template onto the felt using a regular ink pen. Be sure to trim just inside your markings so you don’t
end up with this dark fuzz on your final product.

4. Once the heart was cut out I also cut two circles, one approx. 3/4 of an inch (18mm) and one approx. 1 inch
(22mm) out of my coordinating color of felt (I used two cake decorating tips as my templates).

5. To make the ring, cut a section of the hair elastic just a bit smaller than the actual size of the finger (remember it
is going to stretch when you put it on). Use the smallest of the two circles and tacky glue it to your cut section of
hair elastic. I secured it with clothespins to hold it in place while drying.

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Fabric Crafts
Fabric Crafts


6. While you’re waiting you can make the “conversation” part of this project. You could probably draw on a guide
for yourself but I didn’t want to chance there being dark marks not hidden by the thread. Freehanding is
possible, but make sure to start in the top center and stitch the “u” for “luv”…this will assure your word is

7. I centered my messaged heart onto the center of the large (1 inch) circle and stitched around its border.

8. Once the glue on the small circle and hair elastic was dry, I took a leftover scrap of embroidery thread and put a
couple of stitches across the elastic.

9. Then I applied plenty of tacky glue to the top of the small circle and placed it in the center of the large circle (this
should hide all of your stitches from securing the heart). I again used clothespins to secure it while drying,
placing four total around the circle.

10. When it dries you’ll have a sturdy, wearable token of affection for your Valentine made with humble scraps and
throwaway items, but more importantly made with love!


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Fabric Crafts
Fabric Crafts