Soup Can Pencil Holder

Recycle and old soup can into a pretty Soup Can Pencil Holder using string and a girly felt flower. This recycling craft from Eileen Hull is great for spring, and it costs almost nothing to make.

Soup Can Pencil Holder
Soup Can Pencil Holder



• Soup can
• String
• Big Shot die-cut machine
• Flowers
• Layers #9 die
• Wool felt
• Large girls’s headband elastic
• 2″ piece of pipe cleaner
• Mismatched earring
• Glue gun


1.Clean out soup can. If you have one of those Pampered Chef can openers that roll the lid instead of leaving jaggedy edges, make sure to use it. Unfortunately I do not have one and proceeded to rip my finger open.
2.Dab a tiny bit of glue along the bottom edge of the can and place the end of the string over it anchoring it to the can. Wrap string around the entire can. Keep pushing down on the string so all areas of the can are covered. Dab another dot of glue at the top of the can to anchor the  end of the string. (I thought the effect of the string on top of the ridges in the can was really cool. The thicker your yarn or wrapping material, the less you will notice the bumps though.)

3.Die cut two flowers from felt. Layer them in size order. Find a pierced earring in your jewelry box that you don’t want. Stick the post through all of the layers of the flower. Put earring back on behind the flower.

4.Double wrap the headband around the can and use the pipe cleaner piece to secure the headband to the earring.

5. Fill can with pencils and place on your desk for a fun touch of spring!