To begin, I cut four pieces out of fabric. Two for the top and two for the sleeves. For the top, I made each piece (1/2 chest measurement x 2) for the width and then choose the length I wanted it to be. I kind of guessed with the sleeves, but you need to make sure that when folded in half, they are tall enough to go over the shoulder bringing the shirt at the place where you want it.

I took the front and back piece and folded the top down 1/4″ toward the wrong side of the fabric. Iron it.



A pic from the other side. See how there is a part of the sleeve that doesn’t touch the bodypieces? That is the part that will go over the shoulder. If it’s too short, then the shirt won’t fit. If it’s too long, you can probably fix it later by pulling it down underneath the body piece and sewing in place.

then I tried to turn it under again to conceal the raw edges, but it was giving me trouble. So I cut more fabric off. I got it to work, but it was still a mess. It’s because of the curve at the top. The straighter the sleeve edge is, the easier it will be to turn under. Now, since I have a serger, I could just serge the edge, but I wanted to just use a regular sewing machine to share this.