Present this homemade Christmas tree at your next family holiday. A wooden bead garland tops this great piece. It’s quick and easy to make and you can preserve it for years to come.


 STYROFOAM Brand Cone, 12″
 Preserved lemon or magnolia leaves, 24 – 30
 Acrylic craft paint, red
 Wooden bead garland, dark red
 Silk cardinal, or other treetop ornament
 Sphagnum moss
 Floral wire or u-shaped floral pins
 Wire cutters
 Paintbrush
 Low temperature glue gun and glue sticks

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1. Paint cone red; let dry.

2. If using floral pins, skip to Step 3. If using floral wire, cut wire in 3″ – 3-1/2″ lengths and bend in a u-shape.

3. Starting at the bottom, glue garland around cone; insert floral pins or u-shaped floral wire between beads and into cone for extra hold. Continue wrapping garland around cone until it is completely covered.

4. Glue preserved leaves around bottom of cone. Insert small pieces of sphagnum moss into cracks and gaps between beads. Glue cardinal, or other ornament, to top.

By: Kathleen George


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