Embroidery crafts

Add eye-catching embroidered embellishments to your knit and crochet projects with this simple crochet

embroidery tutorial!

Embroidery crafts

You will need

* A crocheted or knitted item that you’d like to embellish.

* Yarn in a contrasting color


* Crochet hook in a size that fits the contrasting yarn

* Darning needle

Step 1

Make a slipknot with your yarn and secure it loosely around the hook. (This is the same kind of slipknot that you

make at the beginning of all crochet projects.)

Step 2
Remove the slipknot from the hook carefully, making sure that the loop stays open.

On the front of your project, insert the hook into an open space between two stitches, then use the hook to pull

the loop of the slipknot through the back of the project to the front.

Step 3
In steps 3, 4, and 5, we will make the first crochet embroidery stitch using a slip stitch.

Keep the slipknot loop around the hook and on the front side of the project, then insert the point of the hook into

the next open space between two stitches. (Depending on what shape you’re making, this can be the next stitch to

the right, the stitch below, or the stitches diagonally up and down.)

Step 4

With the point of the hook sticking through the back side of the piece, wrap the yarn around the hook

counterclockwise as shown, creating a new loop.

Step 5

Use the hook to pull the new loop of yarn through the hole to the front side of the project, bringing the new loop

through the center of the slipknot loop. Allow the slipknot loop to drop off of the hook as the new loop pulls

through. This is called a slip stitch.

The slipknot loop is now your first stitch. The new loop should be the only loop of yarn on your hook.

Note: To keep the first stitch neat and tight, you can hold the base of the slipknot in place on the back side of the

project while you work the first slip stitch.

Step 6

To make the next slip stitch, insert the point of the hook into the next open space between stitches and repeat

steps 4 and 5.

Step 7

Continue making your pattern with slip stitches. When you’re done, cut the yarn leaving a few inches of extra

length, then finish off your work by pulling the tail of the yarn tightly through the last loop of your embroidery

design. Pull the extra length of yarn through to the back side of the project, then use a darning needle to weave in

all loose ends.


  Embroidery crafts