Cupcake Matching/Memory Game – Celebration of Spring Crafts.

Celebration of Spring Crafts
Celebration of Spring Crafts


 2 pieces of felt
 felt cupcake stickers*
 fabric glue
 scissors**
 needle/thread or sewing machine
*I got the felt cupcake stickers at Michaels. They were with the felt supplies and came in a pack of about 20.
**I HIGHLY recommend a good pair of fabric scissors for cutting felt. This is the pair I have.

1. Evenly space your cupcakes on your felt. As you can see, I was able to get 8 cupcakes per sheet of felt. Do not remove the paper backing yet.
2. Then cut out your squares.

My squares are roughly 2″x2″, although I didn’t measure them. I basically just left the cupcakes on the felt, tried to eyeball what looks “centered” and then cut. After I cut my first square I used that as a pattern for all the remaining squares.
3. Next, remove the paper backing from your felt cupcake sticker, add a tiny dab of fabric glue and center your cupcake in your felt square.
4. The only thing left to do is to sew your felt squares together. I used my sewing machine, but they would be super easy to hand stitch.
Have fun!