Use terra-cotta pots to create one-of-a-kind holiday ornaments that look like sweet, iced cupcakes. If you want a change from traditional Christmas decorations, decorate your tree with a favorite sweet treat.


 DecoArt Patio Paint DCP34 – Larkspur Blue
 DecoArt Patio Paint DCP42 – Fuchsia
 DecoArt Patio Paint DCP43 – Holly Berry Red
 DecoArt Patio Paint DCP46 – Mistletoe Green
 Snow-Tex DAS9 – Snow-Tex
 Glamour Dust DAS37 – Glamour Dust Crystal
 Palette Knife DT02 – Palette Knife


26 Christmas Craft Ideas Ornaments Decorations and Homemade Gifts for Christmas-25

 2 1/2″ Styrofoam balls
 #8 flat brush
 24″ piece of 1/8″ ribbon
 5/16″ X 8″ wood dowel
 Wood ball bead
 Assorted micro beads
 Low-temp hot glue gun and glue stick
 Scissors
 Small T-pin
 Two standard terra cotta pots


1. Basecoat one pot, Larkspur Blue; one pot, Fuchsia, and ball bead, Holly Berry Red.
2. Use #8 flat brush and Mistletoe Green to stripe Larkspur Blue pot and Holly Berry Red to stripe Fuchsia pot.

3. Use brush handle or dowel to push two holes side by side in center of one Styrofoam ball.

4. Cut 12″ piece of ribbon. Thread ribbon ends through holes and knot ends together. Apply glue inside Fuchsia pot edge and press Styrofoam ball into pot centering ribbon loop at top.

5. Cut second 12″ piece of ribbon. Form loop and secure to Styrofoam ball with T-pin. Apply glue inside Larkspur Blue pot and press ball into glue allowing loop to hang over side.

6. Use palette knife to apply Snow-Tex over Styrofoam balls and pot rims to resemble frosting. While wet, sprinkle with Glamour Dust. Sprinkle Larkspur Blue pot with micro beads.

7. Thread ball bead on ribbon for Fuchsia pot and push down into wet Snow-Tex to secure.


1. Let dry between steps.

By: DecoArt


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