This year, cuddle up with your valentine during February on your very own set of Cute Conversation Heart Pillows. This simple DIY pillow tutorial is the perfect way to add a bit of holiday style to any room of your house. Set yours up on any couch in your home to add a simple touch of the holiday. Get cozy and stay warm this winter!


 Tulip Fabric Spray in Grape
 Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Packs Neon
Party Pack
 Self-Adhesive Shelf Paper
 Embroidery Floss—red, purple, fuchia
 Computer and Printer
 Paper Towels
 Polyfill

Valentines Day Ideas 14 Heart Crafts and Cute Valentines Day Crafts eBook-51

 Permanent Felt Pen
 Wavy Edge Scissors—optional
 Straight Pins
 White Chalk
 Fabric—white
 Needle with large eye
 Cardstock—8” square
 Plastic Trash Bag
 Scissors


1. Cut out a heart pattern. Pin on two layers of fabric then use scissors to loosely cut around design leaving about a 3” border past pattern edge. Remove pattern. Repeat step for desired number of pillows.

2. Create conversation heart phrases on your computer, select a large font size, and print out. Place shelf paper shiny-side-up over phrases. Use felt pen to trace around each letter, and then cut out.

3. To create stencil, trace smaller heart in center of cardstock then carefully cut out, leaving paper outside of heart intact.

4. Place trash bag on work surface. Place one fabric heart for each pillow (the one that will serve as the top of the pillow) on plastic. Peel off paper backing from each letter then press on each pillow. Press around edges to prevent paint seepage.

5. Start spray on a paper towel to get feel for spraying. Spray in sections, with different colors of spray. Let dry then spray on a second coat for more intense color if desired. Let dry.

6. Place heart stencil over dry paint in desired spot(s). Add a few paper towels around edges to prevent overspray. Spray desired color into stencil then remove. Repeat with remaining pillows. Let dry then remove letters.

7. Layer painted heart over another fabric heart, wrong sides together. Place large heart pattern centered over fabric, then trace around with chalk.

8. Thread needle with three strands of embroidery floss doubled and knot ends to create a 6strand thread.


9. Use a basic basting stitch along chalk line around pillow leaving about a 5” section open. Use this opening to fill with polyfill then stitch closed. Repeat with remaining pillows.

10. Use wavy scissors to cut excess fabric from pillow about ½ from stitching line, and you’re finished!


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