First you need to gather your supplies. The “pouch” was actually a travel kit bag that had shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, etc in it. You can find bags like this at thrift stores for cheap. As for your embellishments you can use anything. I just had a bag of fake roses lying around. 
Plug your glue gun in and let it heat up

Now we start! Take your lace or ribbon and wrap it around to measure it out. Overlap where you started out just by a little then cut.

Take the piece you cut and lie flat and straight as possible. Then measure out another piece the exact same size and cut.

I started on the inside so you really can’t see the glue & ends. Hold where you want to start out and glue.

This is how you want it to look.

Start wrapping it around the front and you will want to glue in the middle so it will stay in place while you’re maneuvering it around.

See how it’s overlapping just a wee bit? That is what we want! Glue it into place. I also went back through & put a small line of glue where the lace was loose to secure it. You will want to do the same to the other side (if you have a bag similar). If you don’t you can do it however you please.

This is what it should look like so far!

Now, I picked 4 roses. 2 burgundy and 2 cream colored (the flash on my camera is crazy so the cream color looks white).

I wanted to alternate the roses by color. I did one dab of glue on the bag and one on the back of each rose and held for 10 seconds.


Let dry and viola! You have your own handmade makeup bag.