Daffodil Windmills – Handmade Crafts for Kids.

Handmade Crafts for Kids
Handmade Crafts for Kids



 yellow cardstock or cardstock & yellow paint
 green cardstock
 egg carton
 paper fastener
 yellow and/or orange paint
 small paint brush
 stapler
 ruler

 pencil
 scissors or craft knife


Handmade Crafts for Kids
Handmade Crafts for Kids



1. Start by cutting a square from your yellow cardstock. If you are going to paint your cardstock, you will need to paint both sides of the card.
2. Cut out the cup part of the egg carton to be the trumpet part of your daffodil. Paint it either yellow or orange, depending on what color you would like in the center of your flower.
3. Once any paint is dry you need to cut lines into the yellow square of cardstock as shown in the photo below. You can draw the lines using the pencil and ruler and then cut along them with the scissors.
4. Now you need to fold in four of the edges, as shown below. Fasten them in place with a stapler.
5. Make a stalk for the flower by rolling a piece of the green cardstock into a tube.

6. Use the paper fastener to join the egg box trumpet, the daffodil and the stalk all together. You can poke the paper
fastener straight through the cardstock, but you might find it easier to make a hole with either the pencil or craft knife first.You want the hole to be loose enough for the daffodil to twirl  around to give you the windmill effect.
And there you have it – a beautiful daffodil. You could make a few of them in different shades to make a lovely spring bouquet.