Turn those boring pottery pieces into works of art! Grab some easy to use stencils, acrylic paint, and your imagination and whip up these happy little guys. These cute turtles could add a handmade touch to your home decor or be a nice addition to the patio. If you take off the tops, you could even use them to hold snacks for a fun party decoration.

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• FolkArt® Acrylic Paint – Licorice, Yellow Citron, Pink, Wicker White, Medium Yellow, Calypso Sky, Pink
• FolkArt® Handmade Charlotte™ Adhesive Stencil – 30894 Patterns
• Ashland™ clay saucers two at 6”
• Ashland™ clay pots 4 at 1”
• Ashland™ clay pot ½”
• Floracraft® foam balls 2” and 1 1’2”
• Stencil brush 1/8”
• Flat brush ½”
• Liner brush #1
• Glue or hot glue gun
• Craft knife
• Paper towels
• Foam plates
• Brush basin

Step One

Base coat one saucer Calypso Sky. Paint body of four 1” pots yellow Citron. Paint 2” foam ball Yellow Citron. Paint ½” clay pot Yellow Citron.

Step Two

Using the daisy border from the adhesive stencil, apply Wicker White to bottom side of saucer as shown to create a repeated pattern. Use opposite end of paint brush dipped in Medium Yellow  to create center dots.

Step Three

Using stencil brush, apply Pink cheeks to foam ball. Create two large Wicker White eyes using end of larger paint brush. When dry, apply two Licorice dots as shown. Paint mouth with Liner brush.

Step Four

Cut a ¼” piece out of small foam ball and flatten one end with thumb. Paint Yellow Citron and let dry.

Step Five

Hot glue four small pots to bottom of unpainted clay saucer for legs and ½” pot to rim of saucer for tail.

Step Six

Glue head to neck and neck to opposite side of unpainted saucer rim to finish.
18 Projects Every Crafter Wants free eBook-98