Learn how to bring in your life a piece of Japanese cherry blossoms fashioned from beads.


Flowering cherry bead

To create a tree cherry cook:

  1. wire;
  2. beads (50g pink and two shades of green 10-15g);
  3. filament winding;
  4. gypsum;
  5. PVA glue;
  6. dark brown color;
  7. ceramic pots.

Scourge of sakura branches of beads. To this mix, 15 g and 45 g of green pink beads.

Sakura Bead

On a piece of wire (70-75 cm) mark a loop distance of 15 cm from the edge. We collect beads.

Sakura Bead In half a centimeter apart knit leaves loop (five beads), twining petioles.

Sakura Bead When he reached the mark, completing the weave. Curl blank, folded it in half.

Sakura Bead We attach hinges form. For our cherry blossoms weave another 53 such blanks.

Sakura Bead We distribute them into nine groups of six blanks each. Curl.

Sakura Bead Make the main branch, twisting three large blank.

Sakura Bead Three side branches (each comprising two large blank). Subsequently fasten the side branch to the primary.

Sakura Bead

Zamatyvayut branches and trunk thread (you can use masking tape or floristic tape).

Sakura Bead Sakura Bead Fill the gypsum in pots and fasten wood, after making a loop at the end of the barrel.

Sakura Bead

Sakura Bead

Sakura Bead

Absorb remaining soil surface beads (pre-glue missed). Stained trunk and branches. We attach sapling shape.

Sakura Bead

Sakura Bead

And finally, our cherry blossom! We hope you like our lesson.

Romantica thanks for the wonderful master class Sakura Bead.


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